Grand, Epic and with fervid zest. Thus combines Orange Fox the growling guitars of the early Kings of Leon and the melodic sounds brought forth by the legendary U2 into their own energetic and critically acclaimed live-show. Cost nor effort is spared to transfer their headstrong songs with characteristic vocals and lyrics to the audience.

Whilst only founded in 2012, they’ve already played in every corner of the Netherlands: Melkweg, Vera, Metropool and a twice sold-out Hedon are merely examples. Their first single “What Goes Around” was released on 3FM and in their first acquaintance with music-magazine “MusicMaker” Orange Fox was named “A band with the X-Factor and an undisputed, recognisable sound”.

Subsequently the band advanced in The Netherlands’ biggest band competition “De Grote Prijs van Nederland”. Early 2015 proved to be a time for new material. Singles “Feel It” & “Fire It Up” were successfully released in The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Swiss and Poland. Later that year the band took part as one of the most booked Rock acts in the “Popronde 2015”. Their official debut EP “Yours Truly” was released on Hedons biggest stage and has been very well received. In 2016 Orange Fox will once more step onto the stage to perform their new EP.

Haven’t seen them yet? It’ll just be a matter of time.